Chateau De Klaeng: Our Philosophy

From an inspiration to innovate fruit products that brings together a network of farmers and gardeners in the area in response to the low fruit prices, Madam Tracy believes that ‘Chateau De Klaeng’ is more than just fruit wines. They are the innovations that will inevitably break all the conformed ideas of wines we know today.

Art of Craft Wines – Let’s break some rules!

Our wines are not grapes wine, as our appellation are filled with orchards rather than vineyards. We are obviously in the wrong latitudes for winemaking, and the hot humid climate of the East of Thailand will never be suitable for us to try growing quality grape vines. Yet we accept who we are and embrace our heritage. Let us boldly present some uniquely crafted wines made from our tropical fruits & herbs in our area.

Mastery of Elixirs – From a Legend to a Legacy

Another inspiration of our unique wines comes from our history of ancient alcohol beverages: the traditional herbal liquors. The making of herbal liquors is an ancient knowledge of medicine passed down from generation to generation.
In resemblance to the ancient Chinese medical treatments, the use of herbal liquors as a medical treatment is one of the five traditional methods. According to the legend, the first method is to use herbal food for treatment. If unsuccessful, the second method is to applied massage as treatment. If unsuccessful, the third method is to use acupuncture for treatment. If none of the first three methods works, then the fourth method would be the use of herbal liquors, as the last method of traditional medical treatment before residing to the use of medicine.
To continue our legacy of herbal liquors, we decided to modernize the concept by adapting the knowledge of the making of herbal liquors into our winemaking process.