Black Galingale Wine Story

Black Galingale (Kaempferia Pafiflora), also known as the ‘Thai Black Ginseng’, is a Thai herb with unique health benefits, with its origin in the hot climate areas of Southeast Asia. The herb has the properties of improving strength and energy, relieves stiff muscles and joints, increases appetite, an elixir for slowing down aging, improving the heart and blood circulation, helps with sleeping problems, and can also be used as a cure for diabetes and reducing sugar level in the blood. Furthermore, the herb is well known for its ability of enhancing sexual efficacy for both men and women, similarly to the effects of Tongkat Ali and Viagra. With its extraordinary benefits, black galingale proves to be one of the legendary herbs of Thailand. In Thai traditional medical knowledge, Black Galingale is preserved in pure honey, as the sweetness of honey balances the bitterness of Black Galingale. Together they present a unique elixir of various benefits.

Inspired by this legendary traditional medicine, Madam Tracy sees the opportunity that this elixir can be transformed into a more enjoyable form of healthy drinks, yet maintaining its medical properties. The inspiration results in the birth of our Thai Black Ginseng Red Wine: a second wonder after the invention of our mangosteen wine and the first mead red wine from Chateau De Klaeng. The Thai Black Ginseng Red Wine is later regarded as the best Thai Black Ginseng Red Wine in Thailand, as one of the three masterpieces of fruit and herbal wines that were selected from thousands of varieties of wines throughout Thailand, and served in the APEC 2003 SUMMIT meeting, which was held in Bangkok, 20-23 October, 2003.