Mamao Wine Story

Maoluang (antidesma puncticulatum), commonly known as Mamao, is a native plant to South Asia and South-East Asian countries. The name ‘Maoluang’ can be directly translated to ‘Royal Berries’. The plant is believed to have tremendous amounts of health benefits. According to a legend, an elixir can be created when all the five parts of the plant (fruit, roots, stem, leaves, and flowers) are combined. In modern research, it is discovered that the fruit also has anti-HIV, antifungal, antibacterial and immunomodulation properties. For general usage, the fresh fruit is generally consumed, combined as part of traditional dishes, and processed into herbal drinks.

For Madam Tracy, this is another relic of nature to be acquired. To take another step in emphasizing Chateau De Klaeng’s philosophy of “Art of Craft Wines – Mastery of Elixirs”, the Mamao Red Wine is created as the third red wine, adding a variety to our list of unique wine inventions.