Mangosteen Wine Story

Mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana) is a tropical evergreen tree that has a very long life span of more than 100 years. As mangosteen is known to be best grown in hot-humid climate areas, it is no surprise that it can be found in the areas of South East Asia. As the tree itself has a very long life span, people in the ancient times believed that the fruit can provide a long and healthy life when eaten.

Mangosteen was also regarded as the Queen of Fruits. It is believed that the name comes from its body cooling properties, or ‘yin’, according to the Chinese ‘yin/yang’ concept. As durian heats up the body when eaten, having ‘yang’ properties, mangosteen is eaten together with durian to balance out the heating effect. As durian is regarded by the locals as the King of Fruits, mangosteen is regarded in the same manner as the Queen of Fruits.

According to the ancient times, the indigenous people boil dried mangosteen shells in a pot of water, or grill it with fire and rub it with limewater to craft a herbal medicine for curing stomachache. To their inherited knowledge, dried mangosteen rubbed with limewater can also heal the athlete’s foot disease and skin ulcers, as well as curing open wounds.

In the present time, researchers have found that the mangosteen shell contains tannin and various types of xanthones, especially the mangostin type, which is a natural xanthonoid. Tannin is the compound that gives mangosteen’s shell its bitter taste. Its astringent-active property causes the contraction of tissues, which enhances the healing of wounds. The mangostin xanthonoid helps alleviate the inflammation, as well as having an antibacterial property, which effectively kills bacteria that causes pus in wounds as a herbal medicine.

During the times of the low fruit prices, Madam Tracy has an idea to process fresh mangosteens into innovative fruit products. Realizing the great variety of benefits of mangosteens from ancient legends and the modern knowledge, the idea results in the invention of Chateau De Klaeng’s first wine, the mangosteen red wine, which we also claim it to be the first mangosteen wine of the world. The choice of our sources of quality mangosteens come from our BJ Garden Orchard, which processes approximately 1,500 mangosteen trees, between 30 to 80 years of age, as well as from other sources of similar quality within our appellation of the East of Thailand.