Noni Wine Story

Noni (Morinda citrifolia), with other common names such as great morinda, indian mulberry, beach mulberry, and cheese fruit, is famous for its various medicinal values. The plant can be found in shady forests, as well as on open rocky or sandy shores, in the areas of South East Asia and Australasia.

In traditional medicine, Noni is considered to be a herb with medicinal properties. The leaves are used to make medicine to combat high fever, wounds, muscle pains, and malaria. The fruit is used for disinfect ion when applied to the skin, and for killing parasites within the body, healing wounds, and lowering blood pressure when eaten.
There are a variety of uses of Noni as part of traditional food dishes. Noni leaves are used as a green vegetable, boiled and eaten with different kinds of soups and curries, and can also be found in some stir fried menus. Unriped Noni fruits are added as a salad ingredient to some versions of papaya salads (somtam), while riped fruits are eaten with salt or spices. Noni juice is a popular choice for those who seek healthy drinks.

After our Thai Black Ginseng Red Wine becomes a success, Madam Tracy continues to explore for more precious herbs to practically emphasize Chateau De Klaeng’s philosophy: “Art of Craft Wines – Mastery of Elixirs.” The search leads to the discovery of our first white wine that uniquely defines our identity, the Noni White Wine.